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Haunted (A Chloe Boston Mystery #9) Melanie Jackson

Haunted (A Chloe Boston Mystery #9)

Melanie Jackson

Kindle Edition
78 pages
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 About the Book 

Haunted is the 9th book, and my favorite, of the Chloe Boston mystery series. The story takes place a year after the events in The Pumpkin Thief, and Chloe is now happily married to Alex and still working as the town meter maid. But Chloe is struggling. She is happy but she fells like something is missing. Should she do a different job? Should she and Alex start a family? Chloe needs answers and the chief gives her a month of medical leave to find her bearings and make a decision.She utilizes her time off by working as a private investigator for Alex and her first assignment is more surprising than she ever expected. No violence or gruesome murder like in The Pumpkin Thief. Haunted is a proper ghost story that pushes Chloe to reexamine what makes her happy with her life. Chloe must solve a long forgotten crime to put a ghostly soul to rest. Throw in her arch-nemeses, Lardhead Gordon and Cousin Althea, having a baby- working with her snooty mother-in-law on a baby shower, and a soured relationship between two of her closest friends and you have a hectic Chloe!Haunted is my favorite because I can connect with Chloe on all levels: happy with my job but not sure its where Im supposed to be, happily married but wondering if I really want children, and surrounded by family who are way too pushy at times but always mean well. It may not be the review you expected, but I consider Haunted a good read, especially for those dealing with similar points.No, it does not contain a gory murder or ghosts that will give you nightmares, but it does have a good haunted mystery to solve and a cast of interesting, and loving, characters. It is well worth the afternoon read. Has anyone else have books speak to them?Lindsay